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“As a naturally amiable person, Phyllis always hosted great parties. .

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An approachable person is friendly and.

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adjective not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does. . . Toady. People with toxic qualities thrive on keeping you on your toes and use emotional outbursts to do so. Oct 5, 2010 · Eeyores feel all the more emphatic on insisting on the correctness of their attitude.

Synonyms for SOCIABLE: outgoing, social, hospitable, friendly, companionable, convivial, gregarious, extroverted; Antonyms of SOCIABLE: antisocial, unsociable, unsocial, introverted, reclusive, misanthropic, aloof, distant.

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Being calm is a pretty common trait among those who are more reserved.

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